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Hi!  And, thank you for taking the time to read this article So, how do you avert disaster and make certain that you hire entertainment that will deliver the feelings you want?  You need to follow the right steps.   

“The 11 Steps to Hiring SENSATIONAL Disc Jockey Entertainment for YOUR Special Event.”

STEP ONE:  Find out what kind of company you are considering.   

The first thing you will want to determine is “What kind of company are you considering?”  This question may sound foolish; however, just because a company contracts disc jockeys does not make them a disc jockey company.  Qualify whether you are speaking to a professional mobile disc jockey company OR a professional booking agency.  You want to speak with someone who has DIRECT EXPERIENCE in PERSONALLY providing the service YOU WANTWhen you talk to a disc jockey company, the individual with whom you are corresponding is drawing on their own, personal experience, which is irrefutable.  After all, how can you take issue with someone's experience? To the contrary, when you deal with an agency who books disc jockeys, you are often times dealing with a salesperson whose field of expertise is in another area.  Ask the questions that need asking.  Find out exactly what kind of company you are talking to and what direct, PERSONAL experience the person has with YOUR particular event. 

STEP 2:  Determine the individual’s or company’s experience in providing professional mobile disc jockey entertainment for your type of event.

So, you’ve determined what kind of company you are dealing with and now you may want to ask "How long have you been entertaining as a professional disc jockey?" 

Many things can happen during an event, both expected and unexpected.  A disc jockey’s ability to handle any situation that could arise can have a profound effect on the success of your event.  Make certain you contract with a seasoned professional who can handle various situations and work with your caterer, photographer, videographer, banquet manager, party planner and most importantly, YOU, in a professional, congenial manner.   

STEP 3:  Test the company’s competency and resiliency by asking “What if” questions.

For example, you may want to ask, "What would you do in the case of______?" 

Fill in the blank with the potential situation that concerns you the most and see how the individual reacts.  See if they can give you multiple solutions to the same situation.  Give them the same amount of time to come up with a solution that they would have if the actual situation were to arise.  Ask them if the situation you brought up has happened to them and how they handled it in that situation.  You will quickly get a sense for their level of experience and professionalism. 

STEP 4:  Determine the frequency that the company provides the kind of entertainment YOU WANT.

You may want to ask, "Is this your full time profession or part-time vocation?"  Follow up this question with "A how many shows do you provide this DJ entertainment at per month? Per year?"

Now, the person may say they have been entertaining as a DJ for 14 years.  However, what if they only perform at 6 shows per year?  Do you still want to hire them?  Now, you may be asking why this matters.  Well, think about professional athletes or concert pianists or best-selling authors.  Clearly, they perform at that level of mastery because they DEDICATED themselves to ONE THING and they ACHIEVE regularly.  Professional disc jockeys and disc jockey companies vary greatly.  Make sure you contract with someone who dedicates the majority of their professional life to their craft - entertaining at events for people like YOU 

STEP 5: Verify the company’s credibility through a third party. 

"Can you supply at least 3 (recommend 7-12) references from clients for the DJ(s) who will be entertaining at my ___________?"

OK, the person says that they or their company are experienced DJ professionals who have personally performed at 100's of events.  Now, you might want to inquire about references.  If the company cannot supply references for the DJ who will be at your party, you might want to consider someone else.   

STEP 6:  Find out EXACTLY what separates this disc jockey company apart from their competitors.

As the client, what you are really asking here is, "Is your DJ company a commodity or a unique entertainment service?"  Are you getting a Chevrolet or a Rolls Royce?  Now, if the disc jockey or disc jockey company cannot rattle off  6 or 7 things that separate them apart from their competitors, that may be a strong indicator that they don't know their business.  As a result, they may not be able to provide the level of service you deserve. 

Complimenting the above question, you may want to ask, "What makes you uniquely qualified to DJ at my _______________?"

Again, the presence, skills, unique ability and experience of the entertainer are critical to the promotion and success of your event.  Weigh these past two questions heavily in separating the professionals from the amateurs. 

STEP 7: Get specific. 

"Can you give me an example of how you do _______________? 

 In the case of a wedding you might ask the person how they orchestrate the introductions, the cake cutting, and the garter removal.  In the case of children’s parties, you might ask what age specific games the disc jockey will be playing with your 8 year olds.  Ask them what they would do for your situation.  Don't expect the person to give away their pearls or trade secrets.  However, they should definitely be able to give you specific examples. 

STEP 8: Make sure you cover your bases.

"If the establishment requires an insurance binder, can you provide one?" 

This one question alone separates the professionals from the amateurs and the reckless from the responsible.  More and more venues are demanding proof of insurance prior to any outside contractor stepping foot on their property.  Avoid putting your entire event in jeopardy.  Hire someone who takes what they do seriously and runs their disc jockey company like a business.  You wouldn’t want to get in a car with a driver who is uninsured.  Don’t risk your once in a lifetime event to someone who is equally reckless. 

STEP 8: Make certain you have a say with the music.

"Who determines the song play list?"

Make certain that YOU know that your DEFINITELY DO PLAY LIST and DEFINITELY DON'T PLAYLIST will be honored - period.  And, with increasing litigation by record labels, make certain that your DJ has legal copies of the music.  The last thing you want is someone's illegal library being confiscated the week before your event; and, the person you hired is now unable to perform.  Pay the extra money for a legitimate business and eliminate any potential problems resulting from illicit behavior. 

STEP 9: Speak directly with your disc jockey PRIOR to your event.   

"Can I speak with my DJ prior to my event to make certain we have rapport and review my requests?"

If you are unable to speak with the DJ prior to them arriving at your reception, then the DJ cannot TRULY know what YOU WANTYOU never communicated your needs to THEM directly.  Again, since your special event only happens once, don't leave a miscommunication or omission to chance.  The DJ isn't going to get the opportunity to make it right at your next wedding reception. 

STEP 10: Mold your professional mobile disc jockey in YOUR image.

"Can I choose the personality of the DJ and the level of their interaction with my guests?"

Make certain the DJ interacts at the level YOU WANT.  And, find out whether the company provides what THEY THINK is best or they ultimately deliver the feelings YOU WANT.  While the company can make professional recommendations, always be sure that they know YOU have the final say.  Again, you are a client, not a customer.  This is not a candy bar transaction.  Nevertheless, you decide whether you want a Snickers or a Milky Way.

STEP 11:  Determine if your disc jockey is willing to go the extra mile.

"Do I have to come to your office for a meeting?"

Attitude, attitude, attitude.  And, experience.  Ask anyone who is a professional in their craft whether someone who does what they do "once in a while" could beat them at their game on a regular basis.  Why? It's self evident.  That level of mastery needs to be complimented by a great attitude.  If someone truly wants your business, they will do what it takes to get it and keep it.  A great company will make the effort to accommodate you at all stages of the process.  I have driven nearly 3 hours to meet with clients; and, I understand how important someone's once in a lifetime event is.  Clearly, sometimes people are in different states and a physical meeting is not possible.  However, at the least, a conference call can be arranged at the disc jockey’s expense.  Hire someone who is at least WILLING to go the extra mile – literally AND figuratively.

Hopefully, these questions will help guide you during your interviews.  With these questions, you should be able to determine who is going to provide you with SENSATIONAL DJ entertainment for your special event.  If you have a specific need which we have not addressed, please feel free to contact us directly at the following email address: and we will return your e-mail within 48 hours.

I wish you the best in hiring a SENSATIONAL disc jockey for your event.   

Warmest wishes and best regards

Glenn Schroeder, Entertainment Manager and Musical Host

Glenn David Productions  

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